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Focus Consulting Group helps investment leaders understand, articulate and shape their firm's culture so it can be leveraged for investment success.


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MUST READ NEW WHITEPAPER!!  How do you compete in what we call the “New Era”?  Jim Ware, Keith Robinson and Michael Falk have taken on the current challenges in the industry in their new white paper, “The Investment Challenge: Remaining Relevant through Compelling Value.”  Click here to read

JIM'S  NEWEST LOL ENTRY:  "Clear Leadership"  Click here to read 

NEXT HIT IT AND QUIT IT:  "Mindfulness", March 27:   Robert Chender, our resident expert on mindfulness, will present this important topic.  FCG’s key behaviors—curiosity, candor, accountability, appreciation—all depend on one’s ability to be mindful in the moment.  Robert will integrate Eastern wisdom with Western neuroscience to show how performance of traders, PMs, salespeople or CEOs is enhanced through this practice. Don’t miss it.  Click here to register

QUOTE TO CONSIDER:  "The day soldiers stop bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped leading them.  They have either lost confidence that you can help them or concluded that you do not care.  Either case is a failure of leadership.". -- Colin Powell

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At Focus Consulting Group, our mission is to advise investment leaders on leveraging their investment talent worldwide.  Our techniques include an integrated program of individual and team assessments, offsite team workshops, executive coaching, comprehensive communications, and ongoing measurement, to ensure that a culture of high performance is achieved – and maintained over the long-term.

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