Diagnostic Surveys

Purpose of the Diagnostic Survey Who Takes it? Questions Addressed
Culture Survey:
Assessment of the core values and behaviors driving a firm or department’s culture.
All members of the firm or department. 10 minutes online. Completely confidential. Is your culture as good as you think it is?  What are the values and behaviors in your firm currently and what do your people want to see in the future?  Are these cultures aligned?  Are your people rallying around the same set of values and behaviors?  How much sludge is in your system bringing down high performance?  How does your firm compare to over 100 asset management firms?
Team Scorecard: Focus 15:measures the effectiveness of a given team, using 15 well-researched factors. All members of an intact team, say an equity team or an IT team. 10 minutes online, completely confidential. How effective is your team?  How engaged are they?  How does your team compare to over 100 other teams in the investment industry?
Investment Philosophy and Process: measures how aligned is a given investment team around the same P&P. Used to both formulate philosophy and process and to clarify existing ones. All members of a given investment strategy, and often all the marketing team members who are related to the product.
15 minutes online, confidential.
Is your team aligned around your philosophy and process?  Are you all on the same page?   Where are there gaps?  (Equity, FI and REIT surveys available)
Talent Audits: measures the talent and skill levels of investment or marketing/sales professionals in a firm. Peer review and comparisons to industry data. Members provide 360-like peer review of their colleagues on skill sets relevant to their role: investing or marketing/sales. Time depends on how many colleagues they are reviewing: 10 minutes per, confidential. Peer review survey that shows how skilled your investment team is in 7 key areas.    How does your team compare to the industry?
360 Leadership reviews:measures the leadership competencies for different functions within an asset management firm: investment, financial, marketing, operations, etc. Candidates select which colleagues would provide the most useful feedback. Competencies are customized, depending on the role of the candidate. 10 minutes online. Confidential. Interviews can be included as well for more robust data. What are your leadership strengths and where are your opportunities for development?  Online assessment of competencies for Investment Leaders, Marketing Leaders, Operations Leaders, Financial Leaders and Business Leaders.   

Customized surveys are also available! Please contact us for more information.