Liz Severyns, LCSW Partner

Passions: Culture, Emotional Intelligence Coaching, Talent Development

Elizabeth (Liz) Severyns, LCSW, is a partner at Focus Consulting Group with over 30 years of experience working with individuals and groups. With 15 years of consulting experience in the investment management business and a background in psychology and crisis intervention, she has a natural genius for developing relationships, reading people and problem solving.  With her expertise in assessment, she manages all FCG diagnostic tools and works with leaders and organizations to ensure their objectives are met.  Liz is certified in the Enneagram Personality tool and is a contributing author on FCG’s latest book, “Type, Talent and Teams: Using the Enneagram for Investment Firm Success” (2018).  Prior to joining Focus Consulting Group, she held various management roles in both the public and private sectors, focused on crisis intervention and counseling.  Liz has a BA in psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a MSW from Loyola University-Chicago.