At Focus Consulting Group we exist to help leaders create great places to work by leveraging their talent

We are steadfast in our belief that living these values enables us to serve our clients and colleagues most effectively…


Being Purpose Driven: committing to something greater than ourselves.
Client Partnerships: our clients are an extension of us.
Genius: life’s purpose is delivered by operating in our genius.


Excellence: continually striving to delight those we work with.
Unconventional Thinking: delivering the uncommon.
Intellectual Curiosity: if you don’t ask, you will never know.


Stronger Together: we want to go far, therefore we go together.
Inclusion: encouraging multiple points of view for better outcomes.
Taking Responsibility: owning our actions and outcomes with our team.


Trust: our relational cornerstone, a bond between us.
Feedback: There is no failure, only feedback.  We choose to embrace it.
Forthright Diplomacy: The delicate balance of courage and empathy.
Maslow's Hierarchy