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JOIN US!  From the Research Chair podcast on September 2 at 11am CT:  Geopolitics.  Click here for more information and to register.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS:  Join us on September 24 at 12pm CT for our next HIQI:  Glossophobia: A fate worse than death…presenting.    Click here for more information and to register.

PODCAST – COMPENSATION IN THE ASSET MANAGEMENT INDUSTRY:   FCG Managing Partner, Keith Robinson, has spent decades helping asset managers design compensation programs.  Listen as he talks about the key components of best-in-class compensation, or “rewards” plans in the industry.  Listen here

 READ HERE: Fraud and DECEPTION detection text-based analysis now offered by FCG’s Jason Voss!  Click here to read the article in CFA’s Enterprising Investor

VIDEO FROM FCG:  WORKING REMOTELY AND PRODUCTIVELY  During these challenging times we want to offer support. Many clients are STILL working virtually or split/rotational schedule. Frequently, productivity suffers. We have prepared a video to help.  Click here to listen.

COACHING TIPS FOR CHALLENGING TIMES: We have a gift for you. It’s a collection of our most important coaching tips for dealing with uncertainty. We hope you find them useful.  Read it here.

VIRTUAL MEETING TIPS: FCG has been operating virtually for over a decade.  We’ve learned a few things over that time. Read our 10 best tips.


  • Type, Talent and Teams:  Using the Enneagram for Investment Firm Success.  In today’s hyper-competitive investment industry, it’s no secret that investment professionals need to up their games considerably. The tool described in this book, the Enneagram, can provide a unique edge. Click here to download the pdf and read more!  Or, purchase the book on Amazon.
  • Lessons on Leadership (LOL): For leaders who don’t think they need lessons on leadership. Ted Aronson, CEO of AJO, wrote:  “In this book, long-time leadership consultant Jim Ware, CFA provides practical and useful advice for investment leaders. (who, as the subtitle of the book indicates, mostly don’t think they need advice…) His understanding of the industry and the challenges facing today’s leaders makes this short book a must read. That means YOU…”  Download a free pdf copy here or purchase the book on Amazon.
  • Money, Meaning, and Mindsets:  Radical Reform for the Investment Industry:  Partners Jim Ware, Keith Robinson and Michael Falk have teamed up to write a vision for the investment world.  One that suggests the changes needed to make the profession a “noble calling.” Whatever role you play in the investment world, you’ll want to hear this fresh take on asset management in the New Era.  Click here to download a free pdf copy or purchase on Amazon.
  • Conscious Intelligence: Conscious Intelligence (CQ) helps leaders move beyond Ego-driven leadership to conscious leadership. In this piece, FCG explains this growth in terms of the well-known work by Maslow, the Hierarchy of Needs model. Benefits of CQ leadership include greater creativity, relaxed state of mind, better decision making through clarity of thinking. And more enjoyment at work.  Click here to read.
  • Report from FCG/The Brandes Institue:  Psychological Safety and Career Risk in the Investment Management Industry.  Got fear? Worried about a boss, a colleague, your firm today or even your career? It’s time to talk about the taboo topics – psychological safety and career risk.  Click here to read.

QUOTE TO CONSIDER:  “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” — Carl Jung