Understanding the power of people.

“IQ gets you in the game, EQ gets you in the winner’s circle.” Warren Buffet


  1. What am I not seeing about myself?
  2. Why do I do what I do?
  3. Why do others act the way they do?
  4. How does emotional intelligence make a more effective professional, leader, human?


Increasingly leaders recognize that what is holding back their organizations and talent is not a lack of technical knowledge, or IQ, but instead a lack of emotional intelligence, or EQ. Organizations that can bridge IQ and EQ are more competitive and happier places to work. FCG has spent years researching and understanding EQ to ensure that people can transform, and thus organizations, too.

Among the many skills and aptitudes, we help to inculcate are:

  1. Empathic listening
  2. How to remain calm and centered in the face of inevitable stress
  3. Communication clarity
  4. Working with different personality types
  5. How to mend damaged relationships with coworkers
  6. Effective meetings
  7. Everyday mindfulness