You are data driven and so are we!

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.” – Peter Drucker


Understanding your culture has never been more important.

The FCG culture assessment informs the organization on what employees think about:

The cultural strengths that should be leveraged.

The areas of development and their impact on the overall culture.

The alignment around a clear vision of success.

Benchmarking to the FCG database is also available.



IQ gets you in the door and EQ (emotional intelligence) makes you successful.  There are many tools to help you with developing your Emotional Intelligence but at FCG we think one of the most powerful is the Enneagram.

The Enneagram helps you to:

Understand how your personality style impacts your communication, decision-making, and relationships.

Understand the cognitive diversity within your organization and on your team

Understand how you can strengthen organizational and team effectiveness by understanding your colleagues better.


People don’t leave organizations, they leave managers.  Feedback is the most important tool to ensure this doesn’t happen and you are developing your people.

Our fully customizable system allows organizations to:

Assess leaders, managers, employees on specific competencies that are important to the organization

Understand the strengths and development areas of the individuals and organization as a whole.

Have an anonymous feedback system available so leaders get feedback from up, down and across the organization.


Culture at an organization is driven at a team level.  Do you know how effective and engaged they are?

 The FCG Team Scorecard assesses:

Intact teams on 24 well-researched factors.

Blindspots of leaders:  do leaders know what the team is experiencing?

Which factors are most important to the team so they can focus on those areas to leverage and strengthen.


The most valuable asset in your organization goes up and down the elevator every day.  What is your talent succession plan for 1 – 3 years?  3 – 5 years?  In an emergency?

The FCG Talent Review uses a “3 C” heat map approach to understand if your talent are in the right roles given their abilities and their importance to the organization.  

What is the COMPETENCY level of each team member in their respective roles?

What is their CONTRIBUTION?

How CRITICAL is their role in the organization?


Compensation is more than just the cash you receive.  A plan that attracts and retains top talent must have a balance of extrinsic and intrinsic elements.

 The FCG rewards audit will help the organization understand:

If the current plan is Fair, Transparent and Simple.  

If the current plan aligns with the organization’s culture and strategy.

If employees support the plan or if it is a detractor to performance.

Customized surveys are also available.

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