“Thank you for the great job your team did for us these past two days.  You are really professionals at what you do.  I have enormous confidence that we are going to achieve our goals thanks to your help.”
Larry Gibson, co-CEO
Thompson, Siegel & Walmsley, Inc.

Focus Consulting has a level of expertise in the industry that gives them high credibility. Their pre-offsite interviews and coaching were helpful before the team even assembled at the retreat. They have good tools for measuring culture and team performance. They are skilled in presenting their findings in a constructive way. And they have practical methods to address and resolve issues. We look forward to continued success as we work with them.”
Derrick Strizic, President
Foyston, Gordon, and Payne

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for your terrific presentations yesterday – you  were terrific.  Everyone I spoke with thought it was an excellent and very valuable session.  I greatly enjoy working with you and am looking forward to another great event in Chicago next month.”

David Tittsworth, Executive Director
Investment Adviser Association

“Focus Consulting provided great tools for me and my team to use. The two days we spent were excellent, the best that I can remember with outside consultants.”

Wendell Perkins, CIO
Johnson Asset Management

“…Jim — thank you very much! It was really great fun to work together with you on this project! I found all your contributions really superb: the workshop, your presentation and also the panel discussion. Thank you very much indeed. These were remarkable contributions to the success of our conference!”

Dr. Jochen M. Kleeberg, Chairman
Uhlenbruch Verlag GmbH, Finance for Professionals (Frankfurt, Germany)

“Thanks again for all your efforts in what I consider a very successful offsite. I think your brief summary comments about our team were spot on. We will stay on top of these issues as we move forward.
Chip Perkins, Managing Director
MKP Capital (hedge fund)

“Focus Consulting helped us move through some tough issues that we’d been wrestling with for years. They are very skilled at working with investment leaders. We recommend them highly.”
Craig Senyk, CEO
Mawer Investments

“I can’t begin to tell you how much I enjoyed our meeting a couple of weeks ago!  I am generally not a big fan of consultants…..but you guys where GREAT and I feel like you really helped us take a step up.”
Stephen Mullin, Regional Managing Director
US Bank Private Asset Management

I had great expectations and high hopes and you handily exceeded them.  Your candor, energy and authenticity as well as your knowledge and experience allowed us to achieve more in 3.5 hours together than we would likely gain in two years on our own. We are moving confidently to the next stage of becoming a “built to last” society. Your input was tremendous.
Phil Keating, CFA, President
CFA Society of South Florida

“Our investment staff was skeptical about the value added by outside consultants. After the retreat, they had reversed their opinion completely. Focus Consulting brought tremendous value-added to our process. We look forward to working with them in the future.”
Sam Reda, Vice Chair
Fiera Capital Management

“I just wanted to express my appreciation to you and Jim for your help and guidance. I think we moved to a “good place” mentally in a very short time. If I can ever act as a reference for you guys, please let me know, it would be my pleasure. I know we have a great deal of work in front of us, but I feel we have a plan, the people and the proper mental state to attack our issues. If we don’t succeed it will not be because you did not set the table correctly…”
Michael S. Sutton, JD, CFA, CIO
Liberty Ridge Capital

“The retreat was a smash success!!! Many thanks.  The feedback was great.  With the help of Focus Consulting Group, we have learned how drama creates negative energy that is divisive and stifles creativity and success.  We are committed to elimination it from our environment so that a spirit of teamwork and collaboration can enable us to maximize our results as well as our relationships.”
Mellody Hobson, President
Ariel Capital Management

“Thank you for working with us this week.  We had a very productive session thanks to you and your team.  You kept the agenda moving and the group focused.  My colleagues agreed that it was a good use of their time.”
Brandon Harrell, CFA, Vice President
Thompson, Siegel & Walmsley, Inc.    

“Your team is terrific.  I was pleased with the outcome of the whole day.  You provided some practical items to assist us in making progress with our new initiatives and staffing integration.”
Marie Arlt, COO
Analytic Investors

“First, let me say that I am thrilled with our decision to use Focus Consulting Group.  Everyone is talking about it and seems very happy with the outcomes.  We were very pleased with your work which I feel has been very beneficial. We look forward to working with you on future assignments.”
Kim Redding, CEO
Brookfield Redding

“Focus Consulting facilitated a review of The Washington Society of Investment Analysts (WSIA) mission, vision, core values, and strategy for serving its 1,150+ members.  Jim provided invaluable assistance in making this “Strategic Review” a worthwhile and thought provoking discussion.  We refined our mission and vision to align with that of the CFA Institute (on a local level), embraced and adopted the core values outlined in the Principles of Affiliation & Operating Framework developed in concert with so many volunteers around the world, and developed a list of strategic areas on which to focus and assigned “Champions” for each of these areas whose main task is to develop effective tactical strategies and identify more volunteers to help implement these strategies.”
Terrence Burns, CFA, President

“At Ariel Capital Management, LLC, we believe visionary leadership and a strong corporate culture drive our firm’s success.  Over the course of our twenty year history, we have utilized outside experts to help sharpen our leadership skills as well as reinforce our unique culture to our growing staff.  Recently, we engaged Focus Consulting Group to facilitate an off-site retreat for our senior management team and it turned out to be one of the most effective in our firm’s history. The sessions were engaging, practical and relevant. Their depth and breadth of experience with regard to leadership development were truly impressive. In an ever-changing business environment, FCG is a valuable resource.”
Merrillyn J. Kosier, Executive Vice President
Director of Mutual Fund Marketing and Press Relations
Ariel Capital Management, Inc. / Ariel Mutual Funds

“We needed a vision for the organization and values would be identified and established. Most importantly, we needed to become a single unit, not multiple units. We needed the candor of an objective, independent third party to do this. If I, as the leader, tried to establish core values, it would be greeted with a degree of skepticism and mistrust. As we worked with Focus Consulting, a tremendous sense of trust developed among those who wanted to be part of the team. For the first time, people got comfortable with each other and their particular contribution. The FCG team helped us set targets for what we wanted in three years and how all of us would contribute. In subsequent meetings, we put together action plans and accountabilities. Ultimately, despite our different ethnicities, backgrounds, and cultures, we came together as a team.”
Brian Singer, CFA, former Chief Investment Officer
UBS Global Asset Management

“Your team is terrific. I was pleased with the outcome of the whole day. You provided some practical items to assist us in making progress with our new initiatives and staffing integration. ”